Soft Skills

  • • Interpersonal or People Skills
  • • Social Skill
  • • Communication Skills
  • • Influencing –Selling Skills
  • • Presentation Skills – Presenting in writing or in person
  • • Time management
  • • Usage Of English

Attitude : Self Esteem, Positive Thinking, Ownership of job, Ambition, Job Satisfaction

Personality Development

We use intense experiential activities to make people realize their inherent potential, their strengths and improvement areas. The application of the realization in personal and professional life enhances performance.Personality Development Module reinforces the grid concepts through intense experiences. It enables every individual to realize his/her unique potential and styles. It helps to integrate the same to enhance the quality of relationships.

Individual Session :
This session is conducted after the group session with specific time slot for each student, where a short discussion with student and his/her parents is conducted .

Module Contents :
Leadership, Public Speaking, Body language, Mind power, Time Management, Fear Management, Stress Management, Wardrobe and Style Management, Nutrition Management, Learn to say a ‘No.’

Spoken English

We allow students to learn with professional speakers in a secure, fun loving environment. They will build their communication skills and also will have invaluable cultural experiences along the way. Learners emerge able to communicate their ideas as they are provided with an ideal environment where in group discussions and interactions take place.

Our Spoken English course will include :
Basic Grammar, Concept, Letter & E – Mail writing, E-mail Etiquettes, Language & manners, Language Presentations, Vocabulary and its effective usage.

Core Topics :
Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Spoken English, Vocabulary on Mobile, Group Discussion, Grammar, vocabulary, Pronunciation, Punctuations.