Shree Suneel Joshi, the Founder Director of Delta enterprises, started his career in industrial marketing working. He took up assignments in different companies involved in wide range of industrial/commercial products and services. e.g. Kirloskar Pneumatics Co. Ltd, (Q.C) Alembic Chemicals Ltd. ( Pharmaceutical Sales), Bradma( I) ( Capital Goods & Systems ) , Kinetic Engineering Ltd. (Launch of new scooter, Kinetic Honda & development of nationwide dealers’ network), Hirlekar Precision Engineering (P) Ltd. (National level Sales Manager for Machine Tool Accessories).

The DELTA enterprise :

Having acquired a decade-long industrial experience, Shri. Suneel A. Joshi started his entrepreneurial venture namely ‘Delta’ in Pune in 1987.
He guided the enterprise with single-minded dedication and zeal. The prime products that ‘Delta’ dealt in, were related to ‘projection and presentation’. Delta addressed the requirement of the professionals in the field of sales, ‘conference & event’ management, product presentation & exhibition, insurance sale, various forms of training and education activities. Delta had always identified with consistently high quality of products and prompt service.

Over past 25 years, DELTA has successfully reached out to prestigious customers from various sectors such as SMEs, Educational institutes (Schools, Colleges & Universities) Insurance & underwriting firms, Hospitality, Healthcare. Among its clients there are Governmental organizations and Defense establishments. ‘DELTA’ undertakes the turnkey jobs of supply, installation, commissioning of entire systems for audio-visual presentations. The scope of jobs handled by Delta includes related acoustics, illumination and systems integration.
The insistence on Product Quality, Service Commitments & Customer satisfaction has helped DELTA to be a respected product & service provider. Delta has won many awards for excellent performance.

DELTA Management Training Centre, ‘THE DMTC’ :

This is the new addition in the Delta stable. With this in place, Delta fosters a vision of being a superlative Training establishment.
Delta management has realized since a long time, the limitations of existing establishments in the field of training. Delta was bound to know this because of its working closely with training & grooming outfits

Delta had noticed some anomalies :
a. Although Training is a continuous & a systematic approach ,very few organizations can afford to implement & pursue such continual training programs.
b. For different training needs, one has to look for individual trainer having expertise in specific field ! This becomes troublesome and time consuming activity.
c. Many institutions / organizations do not have adequate training expertise, Infrastructure and have to compromise on various facilities. As such the
   effectiveness of the training programs gets affected.
d. There has been standard training modules, trainers or training organization try to sale those , without addressing specific need of the customer. This does
    not help organization to achieve their training goals at all.
e. Therefore Training & Development begets a lower priority or gets to be seen as an unproductive activity for the SMEs / Corporate firms.

SIX REASONS: Why is ‘DMTC’ unique? :

THE DMTC OFFERS MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING AS A COMPLETE SOLUTION” for all the training requirements, most effectively!
DMTC has a most potential forum of powerful senior & some of the most experienced consultants and trainers. DMTC is therefore eager to take up any challenging assignments of Management Development & Training.

DMTC will always prefer to develop “THE NEED BASED PROGRAMME” instead of standard module for an organization! This approach is always desirable & results are assured!

The affordability is also very important feature of DMTC’s programmes. Therefore Small Scale Industry or Medium Enterprise or even Corporates can certainly Budget for Training & Development !

DMTC is most willing to work with full commitment to qualify the results & improvements when assignments of larger duration (e.g. a complete year !) While training, monitoring, evaluating and analyzing result Oriented inputs by individuals!

In House – complete training Infrastructure is created at “DMTC”. This involves latest & high-end technology products and training aids. Even such facilities can also be installed for even shorter period “At SITE” without much difficulties!
Use of HD Cameras, HD Projectors, Unique & Highly efficient Video Conferencing System makes DMTC infrastructure highly effective in implementing & imparting training!

Ability to take up assignments of Training & Development for a small office Setup to a large Corporate Firmss, be a remote location or across the glob- makes DMTC, a Unique Enterprising Activity! With the help of Special Video Conferencing Tools, Remote Training, Streaming the training Programs to multiple locations, on Real-time, will not now limit “Training & Development,” for DMTC.